Bug Reports

Cannot get chloroplasts when i collect them (6)
Cannot Produce Amino Acids even though I have Glucose and Ammonia (3)
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Crashes (11)
I can't download it! (12)
All clouds turning black (2)
Crash upon leaving to menu then starting new game (3)
Constant Crash Upon Startup (windows 10) (6)
Missing libilbc.so / doesn't start on Linux (10)
Load Game Crashes (3)
Crashes linked to sound (Windows 10: 64 bit) (15)
Respawning with no ATP, no organelles, and one pitiful flagellum after death (9)
First time dowloading the game failure (16)
After a short time i can't move (2)
Game Crashes On Startup (LUA engine) (6)
Some bugs in 0.3.4 - Windows (Windows 7 in my case) (5)
Crashing OpenAL Error (5)
How to access settings? + Game Crashing (5)
Editor and Music Bugs, and Crashing (4)
No cloud color? (16)
Cell Editor Crash (4)
ATP production seems to use ammonia (2)
Game Crashing repeatedly (9)
Refresh rate (2)
Audio crashes megathread (1)
Testing (4)