0.4.0 feedback thread

Welp Thrive 0.4.0 is finally here, and it finally doesn’t crash once every ten minutes. Even the bug where reloading an old save turns compounds black was fixed in an interesting manner: I can’t save anymore. 10/10 I could not have come up with that solution.
So, now people will probably all have something to say, of which most things probably don’t require their own thread. That’s where this thread comes into play. It’s like the Quick Question thread, but for current game.

To start, I like how the organelles’ processes are actually explained. However, I remember from the older games that the player would see what happened exactly, which has been removed for this version. (For example, the chloroplasts converted carbon dioxide and water to glucose, in the order 6 H2O + 6 CO2 -> C6H12O6 + 6 O2, which would then be explained in the editor by 6 carbon dioxide -> 1 glucose + 6 oxygen. Now it just says “photosynthesis”) This would make it way easier to know (and remember) what an organelle did and how efficient it was.
This version, if you were to hover your mouse over, say, a metabolosome, you’d just see that the process is “fermentation”. Most people have no idea what the specifics are for fermentation, just possibly that it’s how you make alcohol. This is the worst offender, since there is never explained what fermentation does, but in other organelles it still only says what happens (for example, the chemoplast converts hydrogen sulfide into glucose, but with no explanation as for what number. Are we saying 10 hydrogen sulfide for 1 glucose or the other way around? (How does the thing work anyhow? Where does the carbon come from?)).

I personally love the bacteria and how much they spice up gameplay, especially combined with the beginning auto-EVO. The cells also have a way smaller chance of being useless, which was a big thing in 0.3.4 (a lot of cells had around 1 flagellum, usually sticking to the side or something, or had almost no mitochondria / vacuoles, which meant they were incapable of surviving at all.) While creating this post, I tried another playthrough in order to reproduce because I forgot how metabolomes were called, and in one playthrough the biggest danger was a really aggressive bacterium that was filled to the brim with toxic organelles, which made a lot of the gameplay just running away from them, while another playthrough spawned this absolute juggernaut everywhere. The population cap is a bit weird when it comes to it though, in my best playthrough most prey-cells just became so rare, in the end there were more of my own cell than all of the smaller ones together, even though they consisted of around 5/6 different species.


Thanks! I’ll put the numbers in our hotfix . I didn’t realize we used to list the actual numbers.

For chemosynthesios it also requires atmosphereic carbon dioxide
CO2 + 4H2S + O2 -> CH20 + 4S + 3H2O.
^ thats how it works

Unfortunately our processes are now balanced for game-play rather then realism, they take the right components but the numbers are all different now.

My main issue with this version is that the game keeps crashing every 10 minutes or so, specially when i engulf other cells. Is there any way to send you a crash log or something like that? which was just released, should crash less.

I just played a game where I died once and every time I respawned I was right against a cell that engulfed me, which made me go extinct. Seems like it would be a pretty simple fix, just respawning in a blank zone like you do when you first spawn, or deleting cells in a certain proximity as you spawn, or something like that.
Hopefully this is an appropriate place to say this ahaha

I think we already took measures against that by randomising the spawn location so that you don’t get spawn killed by the same cell over and over.

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I tried it out. Couldn’t do much because my laptop is currently missing the D key, but the game looks fantastic (I love that you can zoom out that far).

Though every time I start a new game, Thrive will ‘stop responding’ for a few seconds and then resume. I haven’t crashed yet, but it’s a little worrisome.

That’s just the game generating all the species. We added huge, “epic” cells that take a while to generate so the game is frozen while it is generating them. This will go away once not all the species are generated at once.