0.4.0 USB 7.1 Headphones (Safe'n'sound)

Hello there. I have a logitech USB 7.1 headset. Yesterday, I decided to unplug my headphone cable and plug it in my computer’s audio port while leaving my microphone cable plugged in my USB adapter. This morning, I noticed the game doesn’t recognize my headset and decides to use my speakers instead. It’s the game and not the computer that has a problem because Google Chrome uses my headphones for playing sounds.

Right now the game stores the name of the audio device when it writes the EngineConf.conf file and it will keep using that device forever. If you have changed the default audio device you need to delete that file from the thrive folder for it to detect the new default audio device.

Will be fixed:

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Or I can just edit the file with Notepad++