This is technically true, but I just want to say that the current auto-evo “algorithm” is just a random number added to the species population, as Nick didn’t finish his algorithm (yet).


also coming back here to drop in some other small minor issues and things that i think should be changed

  1. once you die. your cells’ pilus still works

Once my piliated cell is killed. there have been very rare occasions where i am able to kill cells directly beside me. I’ve done a bit of testing in free build mode. and cells that swim towards where your pilus once was still take damage.

the game quite also quite rapidly drops in frames when your supposedly dead cell deals/takes damage.

  1. can we create some sort of proper indication that the game is paused?

its just that its a bit startling not having a clear indication that the game is paused.

  1. the pilus shouldn’t block organelles while your cell is in engulf mode.

I have had so many instances where i’ve tried to absorb organelles. Yet my cell’s pilus keeps on interfering. i either have to awkwardly manuever my cell in order to engulf them, or have organelles just decay and be left feeling sad and empty in a cloud of compounds which is harder to absorb.

  1. make the atp bar nicer

this is jsut a pet peeve of mine. i dont really consider it a proper minor problem. just something i think could be made a bit better.

The atp bar is very stuttery. ive seen Kinesis bring up how it would probably be easier on the eyes if it were segmented in portions and faded in and out depending on how much atp your cell had and out in these portions. like this:

made some further BAD concept art of what i think could work


  1. The undo button is useful but not obvious

this isnt really relevent to the discussion of version 4.3. but i still find it a bit strange. i think we can look at spike vipers video for a reference. he attempts to rotate a pilus and then deletes it dissatisfied with the result and attempts to re-evolve a pilus. this time he realises that he used up all of the remaining mp points he had and tries to find a undo button but gives up after not knowing where it is.

would’ve it be nicer if we could just right click to remove the mutations we make during our current editor session wihile getting Mp back and not having to spend 10 mp? its just simpler.

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What would you want? Having the game being paused while having the menu open is pretty clear. I also think the pause button that turns into a play symbol is clear as well.

This is 100% intentional that you cannot use your pilus to engulf things.

It might be simpler for the player, but this is going to be pretty difficult to program. Undo systems don’t let you undo things out of order, so special logic could only apply to the last placed organelle to trigger the undo action. There aren’t hundreds of buttons in the editor, I’m not sure what more we can add other than like a tutorial popup pointing to the undo button.


This makes sense, the pilus is a spiky structure so it can damage other cells regardless if it’s attached to something alive or not


i meant it more along the lines of my invisible cell still is still able to interacts with other cells .

but still. having free floating pili organelle bodies that damage cells would be pretty interesting. would love to see how that would work.

We already have something like that in fact, ice shards in the iceshelf biome damage you when you touch them. so pili would work the same way.


It’s very low priority to fix having collision stay enabled on the player cell even when dead.


Speaking of the pilus, I forgot to mention that in my game I’ve seen A.I. cells that had a pilus in a weird angle, as in it looked like it was piercing through themselves.