0.5.1 Feedback Thread

You can write your review of the 0.5.1 release here. If you get crashes, please copy the output from the launcher and make a new thread in #bug-reports.


  • Saving, of course.
  • No crashes nor lags.


  • Sometimes after I exit the editor the cell spawns two cells instead of one.
  • Iron chunks still spawn onscreen.
  • I still have the same compounds of the last session after I exit the editor.


  • Fair, but challenging. Easy, but not too much. Hard, but not too much. It really is the perfect medium!
  • Nice Microbe Intro


  • Lightning in compound clouds when it’s a huge mix
  • Presence of some sound artifacts
  • Bunch of other species can appear in front of the player in dozens
  • Sometimes, the flagellum is not oriented in the right direction.


  • Create new compounds for more diversity (magnesium, uranium, fatty acids, etc.)
  • Recreate autotrophy (chloroplast, thermoplast)

I agree with it. The 0.5.1 release is the balance of difficulty for me too! At least (much) better than before

I want they doing it in 0.5.2, the game would be much more fun and engaging with an overhaul of the autotrophs (which perhaps would need a heterotroph overhaul too, as predation is an important factor in sessiles and autotrophs), as buckly and the theory team did some discussion on this, I’m very excited about!

Save files retro compatibility is also another suggestion.

Hmm I don’t think they would spend time working on it. Unless its easier than I thought. For me it isnt a thing I care much; we also have a good time between releases (of like 2 or 3 months), so it isnt soooo bad

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What would they do? Just add unnecessary complexity. Oxygen and CO2 clouds used to be a thing but were removed to simplify what the player needs to look for in the environment.

Save file compatibility is not a short term goal. Ensuring saves are compatible between versions adds a bunch of extra work, especially when not all microbe stage features are done.


my game randomly crashed while eating compounds


There’s nothing out of the ordinary in that log. Perhaps the mono log file (mentioned near the top of the log), would have more info?

It’s because I thought that spreading to other patches is difficult because of the lack of certain compounds. The first patch has the following :
  • Glucose, Phosphates & Ammonia
  • Iron
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
The second patch lacks hydrogen sulphide and only provides iron. Maybe if there had been a eukaryotic organelle for iron, which would be more efficient than its prokaryotic organelle, it would have been easier. Still, there is less iron in the second patch than in the first one. Adding diversity allows to player to adapt easier and find new mechanics that can help them thrive across several patches without too many risks.

Before adding iron as an energy source it was quite extensively researched that it is scientifically plausible. Before other such things can be added they need similar level of research to make sure they are scientifically realistic.

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It seems when I exit the editor my cell spawns in the same place, also sometimes cells spawn in a line and they only start to move after I go next to them.
Also the game feels empty, there are not many microbes and depending on the patch I have to swim for 1,5 minutes to find something.

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I know this is contradictory to my non-sadistic nature, but what about an ironman mode?
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