About population AND nucleus(Nuclear division) to become more meaningful, and die should not be a one time thing if this game about Species

About population AND nucleus(Nuclear division) to become more meaningful

Now the population number is just a fake number, if you kill the cell that same as yourself, won’t decrease the population.
Then I think out a new idea - “Clone” and “Related Family”(replace population number)

After player get a nucleus, that means they have stable DNA RNA, they can have division during moving around if they have enough element. but not increase member during getting evolution.

The division let player get a clone that act like you.
That clone will live independently.
after a wily, it will evolve it self and you will loss one “clone” and increase tons of “Related Family”.
Die is a one time thing in the game.
But now if you die, and you have clones, you will reborn to one of them.
(as a game system, player can just keep 7-10"clone", to reduce the overload on computer. Clone my die or transform to “Related Family”)

I guess no one like this idea?

Nah the community forum is just way less active then, say, the discord.

Its planned for all species to descend from your species, (you would start as the only species) so something like this is planned.

There has also been discussion of “relatedness points,” which the player could spend to play as another species if they go extinct, with more related species costing less points than more distant ones.