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So at the start of the game it’s the beggining of life in this planet, right? 21% of oxygen being in the atmosphere feels a bit too high considering that life is just starting and no multicellular life such as plants exist to synthesize carbon dioxide into oxygen. So is it going to be lower and increase when the different species of cells start reaching the surface and photosynthesizing or is it going to stay how it is?

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Until the devs create the planet generation, i think it will stay the same

I’m pretty sure oxygen levels are barely implemented and with time will either be changed to change with time or biome, that or the devs will point out it’s not going to change anything.

yeah seems about right

Having changing patch compound levels affected by species is being worked on:

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I didn’t read the dev post (and tbh I never really check the dev forums) and I’m not up to date, but does this mean that, in the future, the planet will start at 0% atmospheric oxygen? Because it should. Or at least start with <4% at most, I guess; though I read somewhere that early earth had 0.001% of the amount of oxygen that we have today.
If I recall correctly, a rocky planet cannot have atmospheric oxygen as it is continually depleted by metals forming metal oxides. Oxygen could only mean something is continually producing/replenishing it - either by some unknown chemical/geological process, or by living things (like cyanobacteria).

Also: glycolysis doesn’t require oxygen, what does is oxidative phosphorylation - the one that occurs inside mitochondria and other similar bacteria, among other forms of electron transport chain. And although it is one of the earliest metabolic pathways to evolve, glycolysis (from “metabolosomes”) is a complex system and therefore it shouldn’t be one of the first options when starting out, when simpler methods (of energy production) are readily available like chemolothotrophy (e.g. from rusticyanin).

Yes, having the great oxygenation event in the game is planned.

I think the current design evolved from earlier implementations in the game. Way back we didn’t have prokaryotes in the game so we naturally didn’t have organelles for them. So when they were added counterparts for most eukaryotic organelles were added to make the prokaryotic gameplay possible. So the metabolosomes using the same inputs / outputs is a natural outcome of that process (I’m not saying we can’t change it now, just trying to shed light on why it probably is that way). At least that’s how I remember things happening.

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