After ascension

What will be there after your Species ascends to be a bunch of gods? Because if the game just ends there, it would be bad. Thrive is a game where you create something very detailed and then it would be just gone. But what can come after ascension, God tools?
Kind of unlocking a “Creative Mode”? That would be cool.

Basically, once you reach ascension your colony becomes gods, and you as the player get access to god tools (which you can use to, for example, sculpt planets, or create a creature and test how it fares in its homeplanet)

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You just described our plans for it.


yeah that was kinda what I was going for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think I replied to the original post, but apparently that has the same effect as replying to the thread so it doesn’t show that I tried to reply to the original post.

Your post was good, but I additionally wanted to link the official wiki.

would the two beings in this story cont and late space stage, or ascension?

After ascension you would no longer be a physical entity. And the size seems like entirely impossible to be natural. So huge creatures like that are unlikely to be added officially to Thrive.

ok… at least there mods