AI Suggestion (toxin shooting)

Hi, I don’t know if this is the best place to post this, but I couldn’t find a better one. I made a cell that has what is basically a toxin minigun, and I noticed that none of the other cells ever fire it more than once. I feel like it would be better if cells would always fire if they are decently close to their target and have enough toxin. Plus, it would increase the difficulty later on.

Toxin creation is energy intensive, even animals those who can use it, stay frugal on it’s usage.

Fair point, maybe when the behavior tab is added they could add a rapid fire option?

This is actually probably a bug. Just recently a new issue about the AI not shooting toxins was opened:

I still think, just because an living begin got the ability to create toxin. They could make a battle Royal just by shooting it.

The idea I have maybe allined with devs, and this idea will be implemented in future.

The idea of early adopters of poison/toxin will not have high potent toxin nor they should have the ability to create them quickly . Unless they invest evolution points. To either make it better, faster or deadly. Like how we have upgrades in Car games for tires, hood, engine etc

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