An Idea for the FAR future

As you all know, Spore has its fair share of expansion packs (not as much as the Sims, but still), one of which was Spore: Galactic Adventures. So, my question is, would an DLC like GA be made for Thrive after it’s complete? I think it’d be a really cool idea, but I assume it’d only be considered after Thrive was complete. Its just a thought though.

Maybe. But not a DLC like what you are talking about. Thrive is aiming to be a completely free to play game.

Considering Thrive will be free, I don’t really see the point for dlc. It’d make more sense to just make free updates.


or it will be an optional mod


Well, I meant more of a free DLC or an optional mod

I would even like something similar where you can create scenarios or “levels” for stuff, like reaching a specific goal for a creature given to you, create a creature best suited to fit a given environment, etc.

Yeah achievements or challenges would be a nice way to keep the game interesting.

We do not talk about achievements
It brings forth the dread of the Achievements thread


There are planned achievements for the game.

There might be one super secret achievement added to the next release.