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Hi all! I’m brand new here. I’ve been looking for new games I would be interested in playing, both for my personal enjoyment and my Twitch channel. I have a few questions about this game that I’d like answered, because what I’ve heard so far has me really intrigued.

As of right now, how long has this game been in development? It looks fairly new, but definitely has lots of potential.

How does this game behave in its current state? I have yet to try the game out for myself, but it seems to be evolving into a somewhat god-type game.

I’ve noticed in the latest dev blog that the goal of this game is an accurate and fun game revolving around evolutionary development. How accurate and in-depth are the devs planning to go?

If they are trying to go as far as they can, and if they need help putting together knowledge, I would certainly be willing to lend a hand now that this game has snagged my attention.

There is currently no game in existence that I know of with this kind of goal in mind, and I am interested in seeing this game through to its completion if it turns out to be what I think it is.

EDIT: I just discovered that this game is not available for Mac. As an additional question, I would like to ask why this is the case.


The idea has been around almost nine years, but actual development has been going (slowly) for four years.

It’s only the first part of the game, the Microbe Stage, for the time being, and an incomplete version at that. Even so, it demonstrates some of the features that will be integral to the game in the future. These include resource consumption and processing, editing organisms by a fixed amount each generation, and surviving in a somewhat random environment populated by other organisms.

Many more of these features are coming with the next update, which we expect in a month or two.

Our wiki is the best place to start for an answer, in particular the Microbe Stage Game Design Document.

Pure and simply, we have no Mac-based developers. If a programmer who works on Mac operating systems joins, we could probably get a Mac version up and running quite quickly. Until then it’s just not possible.


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I’d like to add here that we are an open source game made by volunteers (the two most active programmers, myself and @hhyyrylainen have full time jobs aswell) and we are switching to a new engine (which explains why we haven’t had a release in awhile)
However we are on track to have 0.4.0 (yes we jumped from .3.4 to .4.0) out within the next couple months.

Spore took years and years too and they were paid and made it as a full time job, so it’s understandable we would take longer.

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Does make me wonder though, what is the process of converting a windows application to Mac?

We have made an effort to only use libraries that work on all three (windows, Linux and mac) so one all the dependencies is setup it should mostly just work. Of course there might be some bugs in our code or the libraries that only happen on mac.

If you aren’t as careful when choosing which libraries to use you will be in a ton of trouble and have to redo large parts to work on mac.

Welcome to the forums, and enjoy your stay here.

Thrive has been in development for a long time, but it will be completed in the year 3000, a little while after Half Life 3 comes out.

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