Auto evo stifles mother nature's creativity

You’d be playing more and more species at once then, and it would make the playing experience a lot more complicated and slower, not to mention all the extra development work to make the editor work. I don’t see this as good game design at all.

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for the first part you would have to manually split from your current strain so unless someone thought the button didn’t work or the were purposefully doing a 20 strain run they likely wouldn’t be overwhelmed. for the second part i will try to learn C# as soon as possible

I’ve been wondering whether an adapted design could be used here: run the same kind of splitting algorithm as AI species on player species when they make a mutation that creates such a split in fitness (adding thylakoids for example). At that point, rather than actually splitting the player species, it would create a low population of the “new” species splitting off in all the patches where it has a higher fitness than the new player designed species.

This should have similar effects on species ancestry/tree of life as actual species splitting in the long term, without confusing some players with unexpected population loss. Of course, since the tree-of-life is not visible yet in normal playthroughs, I can’t really tell if such a system is necessary to make sure enough species branch off from the player (since I know there are other mechanics for branching).

Species splitting to fill in biodiversity works almost exactly like that, but it also considers AI species as potentials to create a new species from. That was added to help fill in the empty worlds from the initial species.

Magically spawning copies of the player species code is actually still in the game but it is disabled and can’t be enabled by the player.

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