Becoming sapient

The end goal is to make more babies

" Eyes Definition

Eyes are animal organs that are specialized for sight . These may be as simple as proteins or cells which can tell light from darkness – like the “eyes” found in many microorganisms – or they may be complex assemblies of lenses, filters, light-sensitive tissues, nerves, and support structures."

No, it’s a gradient because intelligence it’s not something equal among all species, it is present in different levels between them.

Gender is a complex neuro-chemical construct and fish is a paraphyletic group used by most people because of convenience. Also irrelevant…

Or maybe one of the persons refuses to utilize the correct definition of a word even after being told what it is.

I’m feeling a sense of Déjà vu.
Like the whole questioning the definition of a word thing

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I tried to make discusion about intellegence in the game and to give brainfood about what should you do to progress (I don’t like that in Spore you just live) but yes, it quickly became thread about words that don’t really matter

Nah I was pointing to when burgeon was questioning the definition of slavery

  1. Nice evasion.

  2. I guess proper communication is not an important thing. After all it doesnt matter if other people get confused because YOU insist on using a word incorrectly.

  3. In thrive the aware stage is often defined as “the stage in which your organism becomes setient” and awakening as “the stage in which your organism becomes sapient” if the difference ‘doesnt really matter’ then this would be redundant.

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Ok, if you insist to continue…
When I say that it doesn’t matter I mean that last 10 posts under this topic disscused the point that haven’t brought anything new or good to understand corlation between possible game in the future, we neatpicked eachother phrases and said nothing to solve the problem, just yelled the same 2 facts at eachother faces.
I offer to stop this disscusion that haven’t brought any goot to this game ot its future.

Really? As long as it is understood what ironuskus means, it doesnt actually matter. Nitpicking just detracts from the conversation. For example, is it necessary to correct your misspelling of sentient as setient? No. I understand what you meant so it doesnt matter.

I agree. If there is anyone here who doesn’t understand or problem that need a more spicific term we can make concrete definitions.

Misspelling and using a word incorrectly are not the same thing.

this arguing is pointless, @Iron_uksus please end this and just use sapience, it wont really change anything anyway

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