Bird topic

Here you talk about your favorite avian creatures from either real life or fiction

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Fly, you fools!


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What is this thread about exactly?

Shouldnt this be discussing in the Misc thread?

Bird Topic

Why would you want the misc thread to be flooded with stuff about birds when you could have your own thread which is about birds

It just seemed like something more suitable for the Misc thread, and it doesent matter if it would be flooded or not, mainly because its called the Misc thread.

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idk why but i always loved harpy (this thing bellow)

edit: we are still talking about bird right?


Yes we are talking about birds now

Chirp :V

can i post the top hat bird here?

Sure you can post anything bird related

I created this


Thats art mah friend.

Here is one of my favorite birds the king vulture
Fun fact: it’s beak is amazing for getting into carrion (for those who don’t know what that is carrion is the dead meat of an animal)

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When someone mentions a word that would need explaining to you, but you already learned it beforehand :triumph:

No its for people who dont know what it means so that means you dont need to read that part

couldn’t u use carcass

Carrion is the word for dead animal meat