Blair's Reprisal

You guys have all inspired me. It can be several months since I last checked this forum and you’d still be working. You will never give up. You are lucky to have found a passion, let alone share the journey amongst each other. So I took the time to do something for my own life. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be writing a Fanfic. It’s not about Thrive; sorry to say it. I hope you’ll take interest in it and see how you have affected my life, and continue to affect thousands more. I’ll post the link here. Feel free to comment on it and give out your opinion on this thread.


Before it’s posted, I feel that I should give a summary of what the fanfic is exactly about.
It’s started as a consolation for Disney’s current state. Just wanted to take a stab at Iger (Who happens to be the villain) and the pandering of movies in his era. However, I quickly learned that it could and will grow into something much bigger than even he would’ve anticipated.
The setting for the fanfic is, of course, the Disney multiverse. Each fictional universe is connected. All things made or owned by Disney has a place here, renowned and obscure. However, this fictional reality is also molded by public opinions and outsider sources, especially creepypastas. It’s a Small World, the first set of this fanfic, is the example. It has quite the reputation, evident in the creepypasta I posted in the “Everyone is getting spookier so” thread. Right of the bat, they’ll signify that the peaceful multicultural dolls are not what they seem. Blair’s Reprisal shows us that. The world of the ride is a bleak wasteland. These dolls are cursed with everything wrong with mankind - sex, alcohol, money, materialism, drugs, violence, racism. And no one, not even Mickey, knows about this. For 55 years, the ignored and lost souls didn’t know right from wrong or of the outside world, nor did they care, except for the main character: Hedwig, the Swiss Yodeler doll. He’s made it his business to murder on vengeance. He liked at first, but it grew off him, and it gives him depression - not just sadness, the legitimate mental disorder. This occupation is a burden. It is not in him to kill, but his boss Aleksei, of Russian ethnicity, begs to differ. All the other top tiers, one from each country represented, accepted themselves in this bankrupt, blindsight state. Hedwig refuses to believe that these highly skilled assassins are incapable of clearing the fog in their minds. The plot starts when he gathers the gall to loudly point out how pathetic Alexsei is as a person. This leads to Alexsei attempting to counter the verbal assault, leading to Hedwig escaping the company, leading to him seeking guidance from the goddess Kali, leading to his discovery of the Disney multiverse. From there, an odyssey across our favorite entertainment corp unfurls, as Hedwig and the other dolls learn what it means to be a creation of mankind.

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Finally, The prologue is complete.
Oh, and I’m not calling it Blair’s Reprisal anymore. It’s now Cross Medium Wars, with a lot of changes. It will actually be a sequel/spinoff to The Happiest Place by ForTalosandtheEmpire. You can read both in the following links:

Yes, there are bound to be some errors and slipups in the installment, but all of them will be corrected in due time.
Merry Christmas!

Edit: If any of you happen to have a TV Tropes account, be sure to make a page for CMW. Much appreciated.

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