Bug in 0.4.1

(Space Potato) #1

tiny eukaryote


Is that cell one of your own species?

(Space Potato) #3

That is one of my own species.

(Felis silvestris) #4

Did it appear after you add nucleus from editor or you just find it then?

(Space Potato) #5

After I added a nucleus. This has already been discussed, hasn’t it?

(Felis silvestris) #6

I mean of course after you added i write bad, but that was the cell that split from you or just another one?

(Space Potato) #7

Not sure, I think I just found it.

(Felis silvestris) #8

Ok, thx if you have news just write here :slight_smile:

(Space Potato) #9

Are those nitrogen fixing plastids in a prokaryote? Is this a bug or a feature?


I’ve also been seeing things that are in the game files but not playable, like some very strange cells that have membranes made out (what I believe is chitin). And their full of many mitochondria.

(Untrustedlife) #11

Its a feature, those are nitrogen fixing proteins but we do not have a model for them yet and you cnat add them, much like the oxy toxy bacteria

(Untrustedlife) #12

Those are called double membranes in the game files, the only reason you cant have them yet is the lack of a appearance editor, just remember folks this game is in active development so yes you cant do “all the things” yet you will eventually though.


The amount of possibilities in thiss game is nearly limitless