Can i become a parasite that consumes biomass and becomes more intelligent by consuming sentient life making hive minds altering the environment to better suit their needs?

Same, I personally don’t see why animal-like mobile plants or fungi couldn’t exist under the right circumstances.

Yeahh, they just couldn’t eat memories or anything

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This is on the hive mind part maybe there is a cruture that transport knowledge to other to other this cruture can also be there eyes nose whatever maybe even the main cruture may not ever move because the other cruture feeds it

thats sounds super complicated

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on modern earth sure but this is not modern or earth that is being talked about

Thrive still aims to be as realistic as possible
Sentient plants arent realistic

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then why not just have it in non lawk

It still needs to be physically plausible, we are making a science based game. So non-LAWK existing is not a permission to suggest putting magic into the game.


as long as the plant has enough energy to sustain and produce neurons and has the dna for them for them and has a reason for them it is realistic and physically plausible

Good luck getting enough energy for movement and a brain just from photosynthesis
But this discussion is really useless since im pretty sure there will nothing that will actually prevent you from trying to make a sentient plant in thrive

I will make sure just to spite everyone that sentient plants cannot have enough energy in Thrive and that underwater civs are locked out of every technology hidden behind fire and metals.


i never said it would be just photosynthesis beacause they would need to eat in order to acquire the compounds needed to grow and as a result probably use the energy from eating to help power their brains
edit: HH if you do that i WILL find a way to get to metal WITHOUT ever leaving water

You just suggested the species is not a plant…
Just an animal that happens to have some chloroplasts in it.

as i was saying it would start out as a plant somewhere along it’s lineage the soil becomes poor in quality so to adapt it evolves a way to eat, further along the species’ evolution the soil becomes so poor that it is no longer worth staying in the same place so during the plant’s life cycle it puts energy into making a creature to hunt or gather the food and put it in the plant’s digestive organ and for the latter the creature that brings it food photosynthesizes has a brain and eats so the species would have a plant that took on an animal lifestyle while still being a plant

Extremely problematic, what eill the game consider plant? Anything with chloroplast s?

The game will be balanced the same way as real life, chloroplasts will be so heavy / another stat if we come up with something else for multicellular, that they can’t support the energy needs of a mobile thing.

Also I didn’t get a theorist comment but here’s an anonymous comment from someone else on the team:

Tell them it’s frankly inefficient

that has never stopped me before and i won’t let it within the next few decades at the very least

As to the photosynthesis argument - I had an idea that had the plant slowly become a scavenger I think could work, but I agree photosynthesis by itself as we know it is not a plausible source of energy for a sentient being (though there are arguments that our plants are sentient - at the very least, not enough energy for what we consider the ‘normal’ definition of sentience.

hey guys you are off topic kinda

there was slime like organism in Star Trek which was kidnapping humans with tentacles and connecting their nervous system to its. After enough time elapsed every nervous systems would become one

Examples of science fiction are not going to cut it for being a valid argument in any Thrive discussion.