Cannot get chloroplasts when i collect them

I collected a lot of chloroplasts before i went to the evolve screen and i could not add chloroplasts

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Organelle collection was removed in 0.3.4 due to a bug. Don’t worry, it’ll come back in the next update!


There’s also a good chance that organelle collection will be completely reworked in that update as well. We’re adding bacteria, and you might have to engulf certain ones in order to get mitochondria, chloroplasts, and other organelles.

At this point it is quite unlikely that there is enough programming resources to do that for the next release. Especially now that I’m the only “active” programmer.

It wasn’t “removed”. It was just a new bug that no one noticed before the release.

Then delay the release? It’s not like there is an official deadline you (guys) have to meet, I personally wouldn’t mind if the update comes out later but fully finished. Then again, I’m not a dev, and this might not go up for the entire community.

We have decided (with somewhat of a consensus) that 0.4.0 won’t have a ton of new features / things that are going to take a lot of development time. Otherwise it might still be more than 6 months until the next release (maybe more if untrustedlife is MIA for a lot longer). And as it has been already more than a year since the last release people might start asking more and more often if Thrive is dead. So the plan is to get 0.4.0 with the engine change out in a reasonable timeframe and then make 0.4.1 the perfect release and then push really hard for outreach.