Cant convert Iron to ATP

I don’t understand why; i have multiple Rusticyanins but every time i run out of glucose i immedeatly start to die, even though my iron inventory is full. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

Your using to much ATP in general.

What does the ATP balance display look like in the editor for you? It’s likely you’re producing enough ATP to survive when using both iron and glucose - so the bars look fine and the editor isn’t complaining - but your iron-only production isn’t enough to sustain you when glucose processes go offline.


The balanace display was fine tho

So i need glucose no matter what, got it

No. If you have so much ATP production from iron that you can sustain your cell, you don’t need any glucose. You can click the different parts of the ATP balance bars to gray them out and move them to the end. Then you can compare what the situation would be for example if you don’t have any glucose and see if the production bar is still longer than consumption.


I get it now, thank you