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Yes, that comnes first. But “Thrive Discoveries” does sound interesting. Or “Thrive Animalia”.

Thrive animalia is is too specific, (to animals) Thrive already has procedurally generated algae and stuff that should be documented aswell.
“Thrive Planets” Maybe?

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Wiki thing animals:

Multicelluar Organisms

Thrive Planets does sound good. Maybe different planets could be documented?

Or how about this? “Thrive: Stargate”, or “Thrive: Exploration” wiki. Players who find planets and animals while exploring star systems could document the creatures on the [name] wiki. After researching them. It could be one huge database for everything everyones ever found or created in game.

I think it should be for players who just encounter interesting things in game . Not nessesarily by just “exploring star systems”

After 0.4.0 I will have fun documenting things I just see in game(lots more variability now)

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I know what you mean. And I mean just exploring planets and documenting cool or interesting things you see in the game. You could even take a screenshot and use it in one of the info boxes. I think I should make this a seperate topic.

EDIT: Thrive: Planets does have a good ring to it.

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I recently encountered a quadruple toxi.

You will disallow it to ever spawn again

jk, it’s still torturous tho


Bacteria are way less efficient in terms of processes so it isn’t to horrifying, I wouldn’t recommend eating them though.

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You could get…THE FLOO.

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It should be called Thrive Xenobiology
also @Untrustedlife the reason that there’s little talk about the current game is in my opinion because of two factors

First the microbe stage as you said is barebones and the auto-evo isn’t in (I believe) yet so everyone’s AI cells will look very similar and with the lack of organelles at the time it makes having exciting unique cells hard to come by.

Second while I personally find microbes vary fascinating most people are more excited about aware stage they are also probably traumatised by how spore used the cell stage as a stepping stone.
Both of these problems can be solved by adding more content and diversity in the game and i’m sure microbe discussion will pick up when 0.4.0 is released.

Also @RoboRomb I like your art but you need to take a closer look at where the arms and legs connect your giving them a human deltoid in both the arms and legs when animals have a different muscle placement look up animal deltoid to see the difference also the butt is part of the legs so look at some animal anatomy where you can see the muscles, besides that I love how your heads and body’s look :+1:

A good reference

here’s a good reference on how the muscles should work actually this is the illustration that made me realize that animal muscles aren’t circles lol
I do not own this image

This would help nicely.

And Thrive: Xenobiology sounds pretty cool.

EDIT: Think you could help me with this community project I’m trying to start? It’s basically just a planet with a buncha ecosystems, and I may do a slideshow with all the pictures I have of it. :slight_smile:

So, I came up with a [temporary] name for this planet.

Nep Abal

Anyone else have any ideas?

I would love to help and for names what about

  • Civitas- meaning community
  • Simul- together
  • Poikílos- Diverse
  • Novis- strange

also there should be a wiki page for each biome
also there’s a bug where the system thinks biome is wrong

Glad you’re here to help.

Poikilos sounds good, though we still need some more ideas. And I still need to draw my animals more like animals.

EDIT: The wiki page will include EVERYTHING about this planet. Biomes, types of ecosystems, small tribes, everthing xenobiology needs. I should go ahead and make it now if I have the time.

’NOTHER EDIT: What should the main color theme of this be?


Here’s an idea, you could call this the:


I was thinking of that, after remembering Sporepedia. You beat me to it, you marvelous work of wonder.

Cyan sounds good.

EDIT: Now that I look at it, it kinda isnt. Too bright for my taste. How about green?

greens good

That name will probably (unless something better comes up) be used for a thing in the game itself.