City Location and Design for Different Creature Types

I was wondering how different kinds of creatures would build their cities. This came up when I was thinking of how amphibians would build their cities. I came up with the idea that they would build their cities in the water instead of on land because of the constant need to go back into the water. The amphibians would unlock the ability to settle cities on land after researching plumbing where they could pump water from a source into land where they could have personal pools (but this wouldn’t be something you saw it would be in the buildings, this is just the reasoning for why they could building on land without needing to settle near water). If anyone else has any ideas on how amphibians or other types of creatures would build their cities I would love to hear them.

I like to think that a crustacean-like species would build their cities out of tropical materials, like moss, rock, coral, sand, wood, and seaweed. They could build in both sub-tropical areas and in shallow seas, maybe even large spires poking out of the water.

I had actually made a crustacean species as a side thing whilst I was working on the Umbruke, called the Kyrinchra. They basically use solar energy panels atop of large towers to harvest power for their cities, which even work underwater at specific levels.

Hope this helps.

What kind of tech do you think they would need to e able to thrive in other environments like deserts or tundras?

I’m not sure, maybe some sort of internal ventalation unit inside the rock formations, or something similar to that.