Colonial/eusocial super organisms

Here on earth. many animals exist which survive by working together with others of their kind. this colonial lifestyle is quite visible when we look at coral which are not 1 organism but rather a colony.

However. coral lacks the trait of polymorphism. Coral polyps are most commonly asexually born meaning that they are usually genetically identicle to their mothers. certain species of ants on the other hand are polymorphic and have castes which the workers are born into. amazing amounts of diversity can be seen in some castes such as the leaf cutter major ants which vary in size greatly with the tiny minim worker ants. Ants however are not the peak of polymorphism. that title would probably have to be given to siphonophores.

Ants, while defenseless on their own are atleast capable of digesting food. walking, seeing, and so much more on their own. siphonophores on the other hand are a whole other subject. some siphonophores are incapable of digesting their own food and must have it supplied to them by the mother colony. which in a way is almost analogous to how cells in our bodies have specialized so much that they wouldnt be able to survive by themselves.

So dare i say. let us play as a colony. let us reach into space as specialized super organisms.

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