Communism and capitalism in Thive

Is Thive going to have communism and capitalism? More specificity will you be able to choose between controlling all industry and not controlling industry, and how?

The real question is can communism work?

i believe it can(and if that was a joke sorry).

Yes, the plan is to allow the player to choose how they model their government and economy. But we’ll probably stay away from somewhat sensitive labels, to not get clueless people complaining about us pushing some ideology.

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what i waited to here.

What men really want

I think the best way to implement both is to give Strategy Mode a private sphere outside the player’s direct control. The player can then adopt policies running the gamut between laissez faire and nationalization in response.

One of the devs already made a prototype of self-interested actors creating an economy.

Alright yeah that looks pretty logical. One small question though: What am I looking at? As in, I realize the bigger dots are bigger cities and that immigration, death and birth rate are probably factored in, but what’s with the colours and stuff?

Going by what the dev forum post I linked to says, the population count is pretty static, it’s just people moving from town to town when it’s in their best interest to do so.

The colors are based on what good the city offers. Green is food, which probably isn’t the most profitable good, but demand is never low. The remaining three (red, blue, and gray) seem to consist of two raw materials and one finished product.

The different rounds have a sequentially higher volume of trade (represented by the gray lines between cities) permitted by set parameters. At the start, there’s minimal trade, so the green cities balloon due to subsistence being the only viable lifestyle.

Oh there’s a dev post. I thought the linked linked to the video for some reason