Compounds Discussion

Enjoy science but not a dev? This thread will be a chance for non-devs to get involved in the development of the game!

We need to discuss and research compounds in the game. For now we’ll focus on the Microbe Stage compounds because we’ve still got some research to do on them. Compounds are a big deal in the game! Where do compounds occur naturally. What biological processes create or use up that compound. How would buildups or shortages of that compound affect the environment? How does that compound affect other compounds?

We’ll go through one compound at a time, so that we gradually build up the list of them. For each compound, we need to fill out the following details:

Compound Name: Could include a brief description if it helps.
Natural Occurrence: Where does this compound occur naturally (not including organisms). Think rocks, oceans, atmosphere, volcanoes, etc. Ex. Methane is produced by volcanoes.
Biological Synthesis: What processes produce this compound in organisms. Ex. Photosynthesis produces oxygen.
Biological Use: What processes use up this compound in organisms. Ex. Cellular Respiration uses glucose.
Ecological Effects: What would a buildup or shortage of this compound do to an ecosystem? Ex. A buildup of nitric acid in a body of liquid water leads to acidification.

You don’t have to be able to answer all of these questions. Just let us know any info or knowledge you have on the compound that can answer any of these questions. If you could do some research to help answer these questions, that’d be even better!

Let’s begin, the first compound is Ammonia.

Ammonia: A very important compound for organisms since it contains nitrogen, and it is what is most commonly used to create amino acids, fatty acids, and nucleic acids (the building blocks of a cell that all need nitrogen).
Natural Occurrence:
Biological Synthesis:
Biological Use:
Ecological Effects: