Concept Art

This is really good! It fits the theme of the game very well. Do you mind if I make a remaster of this menu? It will have all the details in your description

Go ahead! This was made just to get the point across for someone more capable than me. So I am very flattered that you will actually use it. To put it in the actual game? Maybe? To squeeze it into the 0.4.2 deadline? Just asking? I’m kidding lol. And try it with the bigger window instead of the Thriv logo, might look better. This is a random stock image as to visualize how I imagine the background. But maybe a bit more saturated colors? Dunno. The background is also completely up to you. Thank you one more time!


Hows this? I decided maybe an ocean background worked spicier


Perhaps the menu could change based on the stage your currently loaded save file is in, so once it is in the water based stages, it would show water, for later stages it would show woodlands, city areas, stuff like that. Space and Ascension could just be outer space or the view of an orbiting planet.


I love you, Mister Crabbo. This is wonderful. And I agree with @BowlDawg, that the background should change either based on the stage, or randomly (for now, as we don’t really have a plenty of stages). Do you think this will make it into 0.4.2? I would be extremely flattered. :heart:

Why thank you! As for including it in 0.4.2, It depends on when it will be released. If soon, probably not. If later on, perhaps. The menu you’ve proposed is very nice, I’m actually working on a v2 that I’ll share with the other devs (and I’ll credit you, of course)

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Thank you once again! And would you mind sharing the v2 with us as well, once it’s done? I’m very curious, because even the v1 looks amazing!

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I myself like the current style of menu better than just a few fragments of some art. I still remember the first time I played Thrive and the main menu popping up with the fancy space art that filled the background.

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Here it is, I’ve decided to add some more detail, but also invert the space, so that the art is easier to see.


I love the details! Also, the color of the background fits even more in my opinion. But I’m really torn regarding the inversion. Part of me loves it, as it’s more open and wide, letting the color in, but part of me likes the background to be “windowed” and divided into smaller pieces. What have you done?! We cannot have both! :sob:

Personally, I liked the first version better, but you are of course free to design it as you wish.

Also, have you gotten any feedback from the dev forum?

Real nice work everyone has made here!

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I have actually, and I’m afraid the art style with the hexagonal print just isn’t used in Thrive any more (I presented both versions). The overall feedback was, meh… Everyone seems happier with the current design, but I am thinking up another menu concept…

That’s such a shame, I think the sleek and futuristic design fits the theme of the game more. Be sure to share your next concept once you have it, we cannot wait!

Hey Mr. Crabbo! Did you come up with any design concept so far? In my opinion, since we’re getting a GUI overhaul, I think we might try and find a menu concept that would fit the upcoming GUI well. And I believe in the power of our dear crustacean to amaze us all! However, I know you are currently working on the cutscene, so I’m just asking if you had at least just an idea. And speaking of the cutscene, how is that going? I’ve seen some parts of it here and it looks wonderful! Keep up the great work, we all love everything you do!

Well, as I am diving back into the semester, I haven’t had much time to do either.
I’m afraid I haven’t really made much progress on the menu, as it isn’t really my area of design.

That’s absolutely understandable, good luck with the school!

Here is some of mine stuff!
Loading a game

Loading screen


So basically...

I made a quick little drawing of an evolution through some “stages”