Constant Crash Upon Startup (windows 10)

When I first downloaded the game it worked perfectly, but now when I try to open it I get one of three results:

  1. Shows black screen for a long time then crashes.
  2. Shows command prompt for a while then crashes.
  3. Shows command prompt for a fraction of a second then crashes.

Thanks for any and all help and if more information is needed, tell me what you need.

It’s pretty weird that it started crashing on later startups. Could you try to use the launcher as it will actually show the error output from the game?


Where can I find the launcher? Sorry, i’m new to this.

It’s linked on the downloads page above the individual releases.
Here’s the link:


Thank you I have been trying to find it!

Ok I don’t understand why but no crashes using the launcher. Maybe I messed up somewhere, but thanks!