Crash Shortly after Beginning Play

I’m running Debian 10, and I installed with the .7z launcher.

I made a tarball with the five crash report files generated (it’s repeatable), but I don’t know how to upload it.

The log ends with:

EXCEPTION(3:RenderingAPIException): Fragment Program 100000001PixelShader_ps failed to compile. See compile log above for details. in GLSLShader::compile at /home/hhyyrylainen/Projects/Leviathan/ThirdParty/ogre/RenderSystems/GL3Plus/src/GLSL/OgreGLSLShader.cpp (line 308)

GLSL compile log: 100000001PixelShader_ps

0:34(42): error: syntax error, unexpected $undefined, expecting EOL

child process exited with code null

Use the crash dump processing tool:
And put the output on

The error is probably this:
which is already fixed for the next release.

The solution from github fixed it. I won’t bother with the rest unless you really want me to.

No need. Good to have more confirmations that this issue is very likely fixed.

I just wrote that part even before really looking at your post as I read a lot of bug reports that are lacking.

Hello. This is a really newb question, I’m adding to this thread since it probably isn’t worth its own thread, but I’m trying the fix this thread references, and I cant figure out where Thrive was installed. I use Windows 7, and have checked the usual paths C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files(x86), as well as Libraries\Documents and did not find any folders for Thrive or for Revolutionary-Games. I installed the launcher from github, then installed the game through the launcher. I’ve looked in the FaQ and the download page and can’t find anything discussing this.

The install path is mentioned in this issue: