Crashes, saving, etc

So, I wasn’t really sure where to put this. It’s part bug report, part suggestion.
Let’s start with the bug report. Nothing new, you guys have already heard about the crashing, both in-game and while loading. I have found that loading crashing only happens for me on the second load, but it happens regardless of whether the first or second load was a new game or saved game, so there seems to just be some issue with loading the second time around from the main menu.
I have also run into that “black clouds” issue that other people have been talking about. It seems to always happen when I load a saved game after completely closing the game. Maybe the clouds should all just de-spawn and re-spawn upon loading, so none of the clouds have to be saved “as-is” like I heard they were on another thread about this issue. But I’m not a very good programmer, not sure if that would actually work or not and for all I know you’ve tried that.

The thing I was thinking you guys might want to exploit somehow if there’s some part of the programming that does this, is that I’ve found the game crashes a lot less if I frequently quick-save. I have no idea why, but if I don’t save for a long time the game is almost guaranteed to crash within 20 minutes, but if I save around once every couple of minutes, the game can play for hours. If there’s some obvious part of the programming that makes this happen, you might be able to exploit it with some sort of auto-save function. But, again, I’m not the programmer, you guys decide if it’s useful or not, I just noticed the pattern and wasn’t seeing any other threads that talked about it, so I figured I’d bring it up just in case.

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We have switched engines and rewritten large parts of the game since the last release. So unfortunately I doubt that any bug reports from the last version are helpful. But thanks for spending the time to write one of the most comprehensive bug report posts, that I wish more people did. Hopefully you can enjoy the next version soon once we get the last few things in place in order to release it.