Something is kind of wrong with my game. Every time I play for more than a minute, it crashes. Is this just a me problem?

Moved to bug reports. Please post details and crash logs.

It is very difficult to try to guess what’s wrong without details like crash logs, is there some specific thing you did before each crash, which operating system you have and other details like graphics card.

I don’t exactly know the things about my computer like the graphics card and stuff, but I know that I just play the game as normal before the crashes. Sorry I can’t help you with the graphics card thing.

Crashing in the middle of nowhere? That’s normal, relatively.

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Well, I am playing on a laptop, so that might have something to do with it.

On a laptop or not it shouldn’t matter, I have a laptop (it’s a top of the line new Alienware) with a gtx1070 on Windows 10 and it does not crash for me.

What windows version are you running?

Laptops usually (I’m guessing low end ones are more common) have integrated graphics and as we have discovered they are pretty terrible and the old ones are even worse.

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Same problem, PC, Windows 7, no crash log.

Did you use the launcher?

Now using the launcher, it’s fine now.