Creature Abilities

Recently just joined this forum here after doing some research on the game. Love how it’s coming along so far!

Anyway, one thing I was kinda wondering about were the potential ‘abilities’ creatures could have. I thought up a few possibilities, such as…

Digging, which would allow you to dig for insects or roots.

Climbing, which could be used to reach food you couldn’t normally reach, or to escape a predator.

Flying, which would allow you to travel a far distance, but might cost quite a bit of energy.

Gliding, which won’t take you as far as flying, but won’t cost energy.

Toxic Body (Might be a bit farfetched), Damages or kills predators that try to eat you. There might be a small chance that a few predators will evolve to be immune to this effect.

These are just some abilities I thought would be cool to see in the game. I’d love to hear other peoples’ ideas as well!


These are all planned to be a part of the game at some point, however, being eaten will result in your death regardless of if you kill the predator or not. It would take a bit for the predators to learn not to eat you.

That is kind of what I had in mind for the toxic body. While it would take a while to take effect the results would certainly be interesting; Its basically an ability that would not only benefit you, but would give you a chance to see the AI around you progressively ‘learn’ in a sense.

This would also be a good thing for NPS (Non-Player Species) to develop and add a bit of a challenge for players. Along with their toxin/poison the species would also need to evolve a way for predators to tell that they should be avoided such as bright colors. Otherwise the predators would hunt you without knowing the difference completely making the whole point of that kind of defense useless.

Completely sidetracking from the current conversation, but, building upon the digging feature, maybe if you got certain organelles you could make holes by digging into existing soft terrain, and the better organelles you get in that category the harder material you could dig. Maybe this would lead into a creature like a Lungfish which goes onto land when the dry season is coming to burrow into the mud. This could also leave for the possibility of underwater dens being made, leading to there being the possibility of a basic underwater civilization.

Wait, organelles?
For an aware species?

They probably just mixed up organs and organelles as currently with the cell stage there is a lot of talk about organelles…