I am deeply sorry if parts of this already has been discussed.

Every sentient civilization known to man has some kind of currency, be it barter with seashell or a named one like the dollar.

To start off with; what will be the name of our in-game currency? Thrivebucks (Spore reference)?

It would also be nice if we had some kind of “supply vs demand” system, inspired by some other game. Maybe even inflation vs deflation, so when it is inflation then prices rise and so on…

A dream come true would be if we could “sabotage” another civs/race economy by producing false [insert in-game currency here], like the germans did during WW2 against the brittish.

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Kinda related, I’ve seen a video once that described why Earth would always end up with using gold as its “currency” (we do use gold as our currency, the moneycash skkkr we use just represents the gold). Because something you will use as a currency has to be a stable element, has to be rare, but not too rare, should be in a solid form and so on, which would always result in gold, in our situation. So we might take a similar approach to determine what should be used as a currency and then you just decide how you represent it (we have stuff like dollars, pounds, euros…), which I won’t describe how that would work, because I’m no expert in economics, but you get the point. And I like the idea of a war tactic in the style of sabotaging the economics, sounds like that could be an interesting thing to do.

I wasn’t aware of that gold is the currency and that the paper is just representetive. Thanks for enlightening me. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

IIRC we don’t anymore. As in, in the past you could literally go to the bank with your money and exchange it for its worth in gold, now you can’t anymore.


Alright, any ideas of an alternative name to Thrivebucks? :smile:

I’ll just leave this here.



Finally an actual suggestion :+1:

Likely the players who want to design all the tech, including toothbrushes, would also want to name their own currency.

I think the default should be something quite neutral like “credits” or just “currency”. Before money is invented the monetary unit would have the name of whatever the people use as a hold of value (for example squirrel skins).

Basically all currencies nowadays are fiat money:

A good example of something that fulfills these criteria, are bottlecaps in the fallout universe. They are rare enough and more cannot be manufactured as the technology is lost, so they can retain value by not being too abundant, not being really useful for much and they are easy to transport.


Oh boy someone mentioned Fallout it’s lore-flexing time.

Ackshuallyyyyy bottlecaps did originally have a backing, namely water. In Fallout 1 it is established that in the hub (a large trading hub near West USA) you can trade 1 bottlecap for 1 bottle of water with the water merchants there.
This however slowly makes less and less sense the more Fallouts Bethesda makes, (because Bethesda has a tendency to add things that make almost no sense lore-wise to the game purely because they think we’ll not realize it’s Fallout if it doesn’t have super mutants / bottlecaps / BoS / etc. or something,) due to the East coast (Bethesda’s area) being very far away and even civilizations that could never have made contact with the water merchants using the same system. The worst offender in this case is 76, where they use bottlecaps as a currency before bottlecaps had backing.


I watched a video on youtube that established that even without the water backing stuff the bottlecaps as a currency makes sense. So for one I don’t think bethesda messed up with fallout 3.

Is it just for Fallout or is it for every game they make?

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Could just give the players species currency a name? Like if I want to name my species currency ‘Ecti’ on one save but if I go to space other species will have other names for it.

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That shouldn’t be that hard to put into the game.

Perhaps 12 (player money) could be worth more to a less advanced civilisation.

What can I say, I’m a necromancer /s

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