Depth of stuff

So, could it be possible that there would be varying options depending on how in-depth one could go with the editors/amount of available things to edit?
Like, there’s 3 options, and then a custom thing: Simple, Medium and Complex
Simple contained only essentials, such as names, appearance, etc. kinda like spore.
Medium went with more [optional] stuff, such as editing organs, sorting out things like specific beliefs in religion and ideology, etc.
Complex went ham with customisables, allowing the player to get really into fleshing out their species.
Simple would be for those who are too lazy/just don’t want to bother with too many things, and complex would be for those who like to go really in depth with their things.

Just a silly thought I had.

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This seems like it would be a hard thing to do development wise.
Plus it seems like a strange thing to do gameplay wise. What if player think it’s a difficulty setting, or choose the wrong complexity for them. You can’t just change this setting mid-game. You would also have to wait until late multicellular before it matters anyway.
Complex seems like it would be to much even for extreme detailers. Medium seems like the one that makes the most sense. Simple seems like just an easy mode for the game, as it removes a major part of the game.

This was my initial reaction as well. I don’t think it is a good idea to build almost 3 games simultaneously. Not offering some choices will seriously impact the gameplay / require the game to automate some aspects with “what the player expects to happen”. Like the game will feel pretty unplayable if the game automatically makes bad choices and you are stuck with the simple editor.

To me, from these short descriptions, complex is the way to go for thrive. But, as people have asked about premade parts and things like that, I’m willing to make the concession that the editor will have some help / automation features for people who are fine with less tinkering, but the option to override that will always be there.

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From what I interpreted from it medium would be modifying would be inside and out. Maybe building out of different types of tissues made by the player.
Where as I interpreted complex as modifying down to the minute details such as like, how gills actually function, where minor nerve connections are, etc. I definitely made an over estimate.
And I personally think that premade parts(Atleast in anything past cell stage) is awful idea, as it detracts from the making of something truly unique and makes the spore comparisons that much more obvious.

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