Dev team requirements

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Or you could use Unity!
As long as you use even a single line of code, you’ll be a game developer!

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I agree with @hhyyrylainen programming is a bit like woodworking. Sure you can learn to use a saw and a drill in a week but it can take a long time to learn to make a nice cabinet using those tools.

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Now, I think I understand what you were talking about @hhyyrylainen . I realized that it is entirely impossible for me to learn C++ before January, for it is very long to learn ( So, I think I’ll learn another language first. I’m hesitating between Pascal ( and Python 3 ( Python 3 would be useful as it would allow me to help with prototypes (after I learnt the language and got used to it, of course), but Pascal is so attractive… . I mean, I’m just getting a good feeling about Pascal, I don’t know. Which one would you advise me?
Unity is fun to use, especially as a beginner. It is very easy and fast to learn how to use it. Of course, you need to learn C# first (JavaScript too, but C# is more supported), and you’d have to learn C before C#. But overall, it’s good for beginners. There’s also Godot, but Godot is better to use with its own scripts language (GDscript, Visual Script) rather than regular languages (C++, C#, etc.). Also, I’ve heard about some engines running on Pascal, but they are old to me (they only support OpenGL rather than other graphics API such as Direct3D, Vulkan, etc.). There’s also the source engine that interests me because I really like its physics, but I’d have to learn C++ first and I don’t even know where to find it, unless I’d just have to mod Half-Life 2 or use Source SDK. The only engine I wouldn’t use is Unreal Engine. Why? I know, it’s very good and powerful, it has visual script, etc. However, for it’s powerful, it requires a lot of performance from your computer. Thus, it would be difficult to optimize an Unreal game.

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You don’t need to learn C before C#. C# is closer to java than to C


I have never seen any modern software written in pascal. In my opinion it is a historical artifact.

You should definitely learn python instead. And just maybe look at some other tutorial than tutorialspoint as when I read their C++ tutorial it was pretty terrible (but their ruby tutorials I’ve read seem to be actually at least decent, so the quality varies a lot).

There is very little reason to look at C before learning C++

and even less when thinking about learning C# because it is even more different.

You need to actually get started with programming instead of being stuck trying to select the “best” approach. This is a common beginner pitfall where they just never actually start learning programming.

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Sorry, that’s just what I’ve heard.

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So, I’ll go Python instead. By the way, when making a game from scratch, am I not making a game engine as well ?


Technically yes, but for a simple game you only need a little bit of stuff. And you should use pygame which already handles most engine like stuff.

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By the way, there’s a bug on this forum. Each time I’m writing my posts, most of text editing icons become strange blue shaped icons.

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Just a little question : what’s the difference between a scripting language and a programming language?


It’s mostly just the way it is used. Scripting is doing smaller, simpler programs, usually. And/or it isn’t compiled into an executable.

It’s mostly just convention and arbitrary definitions as to what is a scripting language and what isn’t.

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Before using pygame, I’ll try to make a choice driven game. The player would have to play through a command prompt since the game will be text based.