Different Species Developing

What I’m curious of is how the different species populating planets will work. Will it be like Spore where there are a bunch of different pre-made animals and they are thrown into the environment with Auto-Evo to assist them? Or will they rely solely on Auto-Evo to change from the cell stage onward?

As you start in the cell stage all the future species on your planet will be determined by auto-evo, there won’t be some premade species or player made species that just pop into existence on your planet.

That sounds like it’d be really interesting. Imagine everything that could evolve!

On that note would you be able to use “theme” designs that you select at the start of your world that would help narrow the auto-evo’s range of diversity (say you wanted it to try and make an insect only world) or would that be to much?

It will be a ton of work to have different presets for the auto-evo. It will be affected by different parameters about your home planet, but I’m not going to spend a ton of effort in trying to make the parameters reliably (ie. increasing some parameter has a consistent effect instead of the effect on the evolving species changing after some specific value) affect different aspects. So you’ll end up with quite random starting condition and then as your species will also affect the other species and there will probably be some randomness also added to the simulation you probably cannot make your dream world happen. You’ll just get a ton of very different species each time you play.


Alright. Will there be the ability to copy and paste a world so you could do something like binding of Isaac and see who among your group can make it work the best? Binding uses world seed codes.

I think the plan is to allow copy-pasting all of the world settings as a single string (like a seed in minecraft).

Yup that’s what I was talking about binding of Isaac just has a smaller seed that’s why I mentioned it.

I didn’t feel like making a new thread so ill put this here. when you go into the editor and make a new species will your old one still be around and can they auto evolve further, I think I know the answer but thought I might as well ask.

We touched on this a while ago but I don’t remember what thread it was. If someone does I hope they can send you a link.

I remember that too that’s why i put it here instead of making a new thread

Check my profile and messages, I know I brought that up some time ago.

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Currently it is modeled so that the editor applies the changes to the player’s species template so there won’t be any creatures with the old design hanging around.

Really that’s too bad I was hoping they would keep at leased one generation of the players species. It would kinda feel weird if every individual would evolve even if they are well fitted for their environment. I thought it would be more like the form game Path of the Wild (Forum Game) because I never liked how spore did that (yes that was ment to be a low blow sorry)

Entering the editor represents millions or hundreds of millions of years (it will get slower as you progress) so the fact that you get there by reproducing is only symbolic.
But the way it currently works it only changes the template so all the members of your species around you aren’t affected just the ones that spawn afterwards .

Ok good I was worried it was like in spore where every member of your species magically turn into your new species
so does that mean I could see my old species in the world until they go extincted from being out classed(or out class me)? or only an evolved form thats different form my new species?

I suppose what im asking is in the diagram below will all 3 be present in the world or just 2-3 and 1 is assumed by the system to have gone extincted during the time in the editor (#2 is the player)
also I think if you do end up going with all 3 then when you go extincted then you should have to revert back to 1 if its just 2-3 then go to 3



With the current approach you only literally see the old version until you go far away enough for them to despawn.

It is not meant to work like that the “old” version of your species sticks around. What we will have instead is other species branching off others. So that includes the player’s species and with that you will see variations of your species that have started to evolve in a different direction.

Because the game is meant to be realistic and we will do the auto evo in discrete steps (the evolution) at each step each species is going to mutate, possibly split or not change much or close to that, I’m not fully up to date what’s the latest plan on how exactly auto-evo would work (you’d have to ask @tjwhale about that). And the new versions replace the old. So once the player returns from the editor to the spot they were at, so that it simulates reproduction, all the old stuff will still be there but from then on all new creatures that spawn will be from the updated species. And in case of the player’s species dying out only the currently alive species exist so you’d have to pick from them.

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Nice summarization, i was going to post some stuff about new genuses branching off and new species branching off etc. But it looks like you hit on all that.

Theres some ideas like sometimes we retain the old verison and let them branch off into a new genus (right now (in the dev version of 0.4.0 ) , for AI ,there are three choices, it can choose to either mutate and update the old species , or split off a new species, or split off a new genus), so I imagine we will do the same randomization for the player species. So you may be competing with a mutated version of your ancestors, and maybe even a whole clade based on your ancestors.