Different Species Developing


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I had something to ask, and it kinda relates to this, so Iโ€™ll just put it here. Will there be syncretic evolution?
For example, three different species becoming aware at the same time, say, one that lives in the trees of a forested area, a reptilian one that lives in a desert biome, and the third living up high in the mountains. The main thing I want to know is, would it be possible (either by conquest or diplomacy) to absorb all three into one government, and then use their different environmental preferences to colonize a wider variety of planets in the space stage (of course, I donโ€™t know how 4x-y youโ€™re going to go with the space stage, so maybe not). I ask because one thing that always bothered me about Spore was that, in the tribe stage, other tribes were different species, but even if you made friends with them (rather than committing genocide) they disappeared once you got to civilization.


I canโ€™t speak for other devs but in my opinion it should be very difficult and unlikely to get multiple aware creatures at the same time, the time frames are so small (as I have said the time frames will become shorter and shorter the more you advance so once one species is aware it takes them only a few hundred thousand years to get to space, whereas a less advanced species might get one editor cycle per hundred thousand years). So it would be extremely difficult to pull that off but if you do I donโ€™t see a reason to limit your society to one species (unless one of the specied has xenophobic traits).

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Personally I wouldnโ€™t like this to be a thing, as beating/eliminating competition is all part of life. Take humans for example, there is only one species.

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I on the other hand would approve if the possibility, humans didnโ€™t wipe out the other intelligent races in Earth, we outcompeted and outbred them. Not to mention bred with them. Multiple unrelated species would be very unlikely unless one was an aquatic civilization and one land based, otherwise they would inevitably be competing for the same resources, not saying one would explicitly wipe the other out, but one would eventually prove better at exploiting their environment and the other would gradually fade away.

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The one question iโ€™ve been wondering

How would other species develop vehicles and technology procedurally?

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Iโ€™ve seen randomly generated ships from Avorion but they look very odd. images
This is one of the more normal looking ones.

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That looks pretty cool Randomly generated you say


P.S just checked out that game looks cool and is kinda what i imagined thriveโ€™s spaceship creator to look like was less blocky in my head

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Well to be fair, as long as the ships remain in space things like aerodynamics donโ€™t matter. A lot of ships will look way different than vehicles we have now. (Was that correct English? Idk, it seems pretty bad to me, but I donโ€™t what what the correct version would be)

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So i could have a fleet of spheres?

(just had the idea make a fleet of all the orblike ships in star wars)

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Letโ€™s make the borg in Thrive. Cube fleets assimilating planets.

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if possible i want to make a fleet of death stars ANNIHILATE THE GALAXY

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okay iโ€™m going back here cause i just realised my question wasnโ€™t answered (probably cause we ended up talking about Space fleets we should make) so to ask again

How would other species get their vehicles in the space stages for example if everything about a species is determined by their surroundings (essentially how the creature looks) so to sum up what im asking is how are ships going to be procedurall generated in thrive if CPA canโ€™t be used (although i feel the answer would be similar to CPA but for tech)