Discord Evolution Game

Hey everyone! Just discovered this game and site while trying to find communities with folk who would enjoy the game I run. The game that I run is played on discord since we didn’t really have a forum to call our own, so I hope that it’s okay I put this here!

The game is conducted by all players voting on how to evolve the creature and the actions it takes. I keep a running tally of the statistics and I write a short story for every update. We are around halfway through the creature stage right now and intend to go all the way until the galaxy is dominated!

Please come check out our insane creature and become part of the community! <3


Hello and welcome to the forums! I’d point you to the FAQ page but you seem to know what you are doing, so the only advice I have for you is to double check that a thread or idea hasn’t already been proposed before offering an idea, and to utilize the quick question thread to it’s fullest. Also cool idea and it’s always good to have another forum game.


Thank you!

We have moved onto the tribal era so please come drop by guys!


I joined. Are you and other thrive users on there still active?
Edit: Doesn’t seem so anymore.