Dytopian story - Aliens, wastelands, slums, rebellions, and much more!

This project is about a book i’m trying to write, which isnt related to thrive in anyway (but related in one, small way). So, i’m just going to begin this with an introduction to my book
Ohio, 2020

Part 1: Earth

Rats. Sickness. Disease. Humans. Earth was once humanities home, lush with green and oceans of life. Now, nothing survives for a day here. They came in waves, heading for our largest cities to wipe out most of our population. Those who survived were used for breeding their alien young. Others who were found dying were kept alive just to suffer. They took our culture, and took everything from us. The established their base of operations in Brazil, becoming Earths administrators. Their nexus was constructed in the center of Ohio, a massive megastructure surrounded by outposts. The only name we know of them by is ‘The Elites’. The cities are controlled by the elites, whilst the inferior live in seperate districts. They reguraly inspect the each district for resitance members, stolen elite weapons, refugees, and those who are not fit enough to live in the districts. Those who defected from living there are taken back to the nexus. They are experimented on, all day and all night. Their bodily functions are surgically removed painfully, torn apart. No one survives these surgeries.

Annnd thats the end everyone! Of course, stuff will be changed. I’m gonna be doing alot of stuff here on Thrive. Lot’sa TU sapients and lot’sa more stuff. I may make concept art of this stuff soon.

Concept Art

Again, sorry you have to see my enclosure amongst the drawing. /: This is also version 1 of many, so keep that in mind. I saw an image that looked similar, so I redrew it with a few tweaked details as my temporary drawing.

Now that I look at the ‘concept’. I’m gonna change it entirely. It’s not my best work.

EDIT: I might actually abandon this thread. If I do, then don’t read it.