Easter Eggs

Similar to the post where people make their own achievements, I’m making one where people can post their ideas for easter eggs. Though there are some rules:

  1. Only one post at a time. We don’t want 1000 replies from the same guy
  2. Easter Eggs must be listed in this format.

What the Easter Egg refers to and how.

  1. If you have more than one idea, put them in the same post.
  2. Please be nice, this isn’t the YouTube comment section.

I’ll Start


Space Stage
Have the Voyager Space Probe be found close to Earth. Granted, this only works if we include Earth in the game.
This is obviously referring to the Voyager Space Probe.

This is cool and all, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have the voyager one space probe floating out somewhere In space? because thats where it is right now.

Yeah, I guess your right.

Breaking the forth wall

industrial stage
when the player reaches current day technology have a notification or something telling the player that a new game called “flourish” was made about evolution.
referring to the game their in


Space Stage
Find an ancient scroll on a planet.

False God

Industrial and up
Find one of the Tablets of Spode


Find a statue of The God Emperor of Seafood

Thing of Kings

Find an ancient shrine dedicated to the king of all things, filled with hundreds of random items

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An unlikely planet

Space Stage
Find a cube planet (extremely rare maybe even a less than 1% chance of finding one)
Referring to spore’s cube planets

I don’t think it is possible to have a qube planet due to gravity so we won’t be having that in the game.

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What about doughnut planets?

What do you think?

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Theoretically speaking doughnut shaped planets are possible, but they’d need a ridiculously high turning speed (since the centrifugal force needs to be about the same as the gravity around the areas with matter). The planet probably wouldn’t be able to support proper life tho, since the high centrifugal force creates very dangerous weather, and because the rotation makes sure that the gravity changes a lot depending on the area (I mean twice as high in the inside, but almost nothing around the edges)

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any stage really
have a small chance to replace the soundtrack with “Never gonna give you up” for a short while during gameplay
referring to Rick Roll


This should be in for 0.4.0:

Special Names

Any Stage
Rarely a species or a whole genus may get a name based on developers/influencers
(EG, Primum Atroxium) Tjwhal Thrivium, Primum Untrustium, Thrivium Kinesium, Neinium Thrivium, Selcium hhyyrylainen, hhyyrylainen Primum etc.


I’m not sure what stage but probably around Aware

Show a dead Spore creature somewhere

Evolution is tough, that … thing with 7 arms 1 eye and 3 legs with mouths on its knees and legs that clip through the floor just isn’t gonna cut it.


I feel there could be many more, subtler, ways to reference Spore ingame


Yeah but I just made that up from the top of my head.

Like having a galaxy, or

wait for it


I refer you all to my earlier post in this thread