Editor suggestions

I just checked out the Godot release, and the editor needs plenty of love.
I am aware that improving the power balance bar is currently being implemented, and fixing the “deleting new organelle costing MP” bug is a priority.

  1. segmented MP bar to visually show how much your organelle would cost.

  2. Increase the font size for the organelle menu. It’s tiny.

  3. Feedback for placing an organelle. Sounds at the minimum (I actually submitted a Click Blocked sound, and Naro might have some UI sounds)

  4. Allow us to de-select organelles, ties in with #1.

  5. Add tooltips to the power balance bar.

On GitHub:


It’s not “by the book” to open an issue before discussion, but I’ll accept these as issues.
I split it into multiple issues so that it is easier to mark the parts as done and for people to find work to do.