Empty Space

I believe the plan is for Thrive to at max span a single galaxy.

Yeah, but having other galaxies would be cool though.

Not realistic, i doubt that even with FTL you’d be able to communicate with the colonists you send to the other galaxy, so they can just break off from you and you wouldn’t be able to control any part of the other galaxy

Just wormhole their core to your core and enjoy having 2 cores of 2 galaxies connected.

Who said wormholes are gonna be a thing?

Also you two have a very similar pfp

Then smash the galaxies toghether and enjoy a single core of a single galaxy.

Also yeah I even mistook him for me for a second. And I mean we both have danger signs pfp. I have a chemical danger and he has radiation.

I’ve said this like 3 times already, but even a single realistically sized galaxy is very likely to be much more than we can simulate. So while we could split the computation power over multiple galaxies with fewer star systems, I don’t really see the point as Thrive would be more realistic if we had just a single galaxy that tries to be closer to real size.


Yeah, that’s probably fair enough. but who knows, given that the space stage is still years away, maybe something’ll come up in the future that makes having multiple galaxies more feasible. one can hope, anyway.

i realize the last post is over 2 months old but here is a reason why you should be able to have (very dangerous if it fails. so much so that you would have to use false vacuum generators to have any mass)FTL
one realistically feasible method of FTL travel if your civilization could force the higgs field into a specific state is to use a tube of false vacuum generators as shields for the universe against false vacuum decay. force false vacuum decay within the tube. use the same type of true vacuum shield to protect a ship. put the ship in the tube(before turning on the false vacuum decay generator) and with the laws of physics now slightly different in the ship’s false vacuum bubble just yeet yourself forward faster than the speed of light outside the true vacuum because you are using a bubble that has the same processing power in a much smaller space thus increasing the speed of time. once you are at your destination turn the false vacuum generators to max and turn off the false vacuum decay generator. after the higgs field has been raised back to it’s energy level prior to the decay generator’s activation it is then safe to open the tube but it would have to be built with STL drones unless that civ had another method of FTL

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You would need to deal with the risk of the tube breaking and the entire universe getting fucked. Also, how would you know what laws of physics were changed? What if impossibly unstable elements become stable, and the current stable elements turn into extremely radioactive elements?

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that is a known problem and the solution is active point defense to stop anything from touching the tube

being able to outspeed light

that would not happen due to the reasons for elements being stable or radioactive

But you are changing the laws of physics, how do you guarantee that matter as we know it is capable of surviving inside the tube?

inside the tube? no it cant survive there. but inside the bubble? the ship is brought in from the outside false vacuum and the ship’s false vacuum generator is activated and the bubble is suddenly split from the outside universe thus becoming a different process on the universal processor and having very minor changes to the laws of physics

So if a single missile gets past, the entire universe is now gonna turn into goo.

You changed the laws of physics. That would be as probable as you increasing the speed of light to something bigger (or just slowing it to 3 kmph
What thing could POSSIBLY stop a false vacuum decay?

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no it will turn into a massless void and no one other than someone who wants to end that entire area where the universe is not expanding faster than the speed of light would even try to do that

no because of the fact that reasons for stable elements being stable are based on the constant between the bubble and the outside of the tube. the higgs field

false vacuum generator. it forcefully keeps the energy of the higgs field (the thing that allows mass) above a certain threshold that is where it is now on earth

Willow, just ask someone on the theory team, because I am 100% certain that you are not a physicist.

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you are correct on that one but i know how the higgs field works.
if one higgs boson gets put in a lower energy state every higgs boson in every massive particle around it wants to follow but if you find a way to force higgs bosons into a specific energy state then you have the technology to make a false vacuum generator. how would you test this without a true vacuum? you use it and see whether or not the weight of an object changes as your goal is to force the higgs bosons into a higher energy state which means more weight per boson which means unstable elements A. become more stable or B. become fissile and if it works do not use it on any radioactive element outside of a true vacuum