End Game Events

Since the ending will be building the ascension gate, how about having it take really long to charge up, and having all kinds of spacefaring species try to capture it in order to ascend themselves (since they don’t have the tech/materials to build one themselves), a bit like how Rimworld handles building the ship.


While I like that idea, when I said something about a weapon that can fire at other solar systems that got shut down due to energy becoming weaker over longer distances. This would have to be a mobile platform or ship that fires a weapon that destroys planet and is protected by a huge fleet. There might be more than one of these fleets with planet destroying platforms. When I think of end-game events, I think something on a galaxy threatening scale, something that can destroy your empire, even if it controls 1/3 of the galaxy.

I am quite sure that @Omicron’s suggestion of defending the accession gate has already been talked about and said to be what will happen.

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Maybe in the end game, the player’s species could meet the human civilization, which would have been the first to reach the Ascension stage.

EDIT : In this case, humanity must have been unified under some sort of Federation. Democratic, if possible.

Would be more fitting if you could find Earth as a radioactive wasteland.

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Or maybe earth could only have half of the people left alive… sorry I had to

Are you suggesting Thanos be a final boss? Someone make a mod of this please!


“Endgame”. I see what you did there, you clever lad.

Otherwise, I was thinking the space stage would be the final frontier, so the game would just become a sandbox at that point. But if it does end, I think a cool end title called would be: “Your species had humble beginnings, from a microscopic microbe, to a space-faring dominator. While you have encountered many hardships, this is the end. The [SPECIES NAME] have thrived. But will a new species rise to replace it? Only time will tell…” and then the credits roll and you go back to the menu.

The planned end to the game is ascension where your species turns themselves into pure energy and basically unlocks sandbox mode where you can mess with anything in your game without limits. It’s probably a good chance to roll the credits after like a cutscene showing the ascension and then returning back to the game.


Oh ok, I never knew that. I was seeing some people refer to it sometimes, but I never saw it as a real stage, so it confused me a bit. Thanks for clearing it up.

I think also it would be nice if the late space stage is a bit like CK2 with empires rising and falling over time. That way you can kind of play forever for the interesting stories that emerge.

If super advanced future tech is hard to maintain (maybe powering the ascension gate requires you to consume 3 stars or something) then it would become a periodic thing species would rise to and then everyone else would fall back to a lower state, fighting over the ruins of their old empire.

Finally got stellaris and all i can say is ADD ALL THE END GAME CRISIS EVENTS FROM STELLARIS

They’re the coolest thing i ever seen and i want to face off against unbidden and automated ancient precursor dreadnoughts

Hello guys, I think the gates of assension recharged for a very long time. While they are not active, there is some kind of conflict between all races. If a player is not able to take the system( a planet???) where are the gates of the ascension, he must fight for them again and again (if player wants this). And I think, that gates will be protected (how a Steve in the center of the galaxy by groxes in Spore) .

So far all the plans about ascension gates I’ve heard, include the player researching and building them. There is no logical reason that the player must fight with others to use them, they can just go hide in some distant solar system from everywhere.

Sorry for bad idea, i 'm new in this theme.

If you really wanted a final battle, you could have something where the powering up of the ascension gate would emit a special type of energy that would attract nearly anyone in the galaxy, who would want to secure the gate for themselves. However, this would probably be annoying for people with peaceful creatures, since they would not have the weapons to defend themselves, making it nearly impossible for non-warrior species to ascend.


Maybe more peaceful creatures could try to negotiate with everyone they attract?

I like the idea that there is some sort of climax towards the end of the game, but it doesn’t have to be a battle.

What could you possibly have to offer that trumps literally ascending from the physical realm?

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I didn’t mean to sound like your idea was bad or unappreciated. These forums are the place to share (almost) any idea related to the game. I try to reply to many ideas about their feasibility in order to encourage discussion.

So let’s say the top 2 species research and building ascensions gates at roughly the same time minus like a week. Will the completion of one cancel the other or could there be 2 ascension gates at the same time?

It’s ascension. Only one species should be allowed to enter at a time. If there is more than one, the technology would lose its appeal to the players.