Engine choice discussion

Would it be possible to continue the game building, in GoDot and only make the Cell stage in the current game engine.

As godot 4.0 has some very promising results, and it would get released by next year.

This could save time in fixing engine bugs, and Godot developers might want to join the project???

Surprisingly, this isn’t the craziest idea ever. Many games in the 90s used to be made up of multiple executables that would pass control between each other, so by transferring a bunch of data in some predefined format between the different parts of the game it could be done. However, a lot of common parts would need to be redone in godot and updates to one side would need updating both, so that they stay in sync. But likely the feel of the different parts is not going to be consistent. Also with our plans to have a smooth transition between stages it’s going to be quite difficult to keep things smooth when switching between the part made in different engines.

Yeah, they probably have a lot of people fixing bugs. But I’m highly skeptical that we would have more than a few new developers joining just because we used godot.

Because same thing happened with LiveScript, they associated themselves with something related(Java), and we all kmow what JS is today.

Similarliy, thrive could Thrive too, as when ppl search for " games made in Godot", thrive will be one, and thrive being such a big project, it is highly probably it will bring new GDscript Developers.

And godot will allow the thrive developers to focus more on development than of engine fix, if any engine problem comes, we can report it to the all dedicated GoDot developers.

If it’s about smooth transition, if we could get enough godot developers, they themseleves will help port cell stage to the rest game.

This early decision can make the difference for all the stages from years to months.

One huge problem, I will not code in GDscript, they went and completely messed up by making indentation syntactically significant. I’d only consider using C#

And besides, I highly, highly doubt that very many good developers are looking specifically for godot game projects to help with.

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I agree, I too feel that, python has same problem. And I can’t really say about many GDscript developers coming.
But as C# is also supported Via mono. It may work out, As then Unity developers can join.

How about LumberYard? It’s in beta but could be really powerful, it’s free as well, and code in C++.

AFAIK, lumberyard is basically a fork of cryengine made by amazon with the catch that all multiplayer functionality must use amazon’s services (so that’s how they plan on making money with the engine). And because it being derivative of cryengine it is really, really lacking in tutorials, help, and a community of developers. Unreal Engine 4 basically does everything it does, but better.

I’m not really interested in debating this topic.


Just suggesting, no point of any such debate.