Engine Stuff

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but is there anywhere one could look to find out how converting to the new engine is going?

You can have a look at the commits going in to the engine_refactor branch here: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/commits/engine_refactor


Of course that doesn’t really say a lot about the overall progress. I’ve just been updating the other programmers on slack about getting more and more things to work / converted.

Well thanks at least for that, I hope the project keeps on keepin’ on.

Does any one happen to know where in the script the player spawns in, I’m trying something via teaching myself the coding language.

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In the engine_refactor version? I’m currently working on it, but it will be in scripts/microbe_stage/setup.as in the function setupPlayer.

I’ve made some progress on getting the player cell to spawn again:


That seems like it’s most certainly a some measurable progress. Thanks for the update.

Is it possible to make 2 player cells spawn? like local play… That is what I was trying to program.

Spawning another non-AI cell is easy, but hooking it up to receive input is harder and making the camera show both is also difficult.

Is it possible to make it split screen on a computer or the camera only follows the 1st player?

AFAIK it’s possible to render multiple cameras to the same window with Ogre but I haven’t set that up. So the camera can only be in one place.

Why would you want local play though ?

I dunno, maybe it could get my friends interested? But mainly to set a goal for myself via learning to program.

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If anyone wants to see how much work has gone into the engine change (click to show all hidden items):

The presence of a pull request doesn’t mean it’s actually done, but it’s certainly getting there.