Engulfing with more cells

How will engulfing work when you will be a multicellular organism?

Hi @fralegend015, you seem to be asking a bunch of small questions. There’s nothing wrong with that, they still deserve to be discussed, but it’s not very practical to put them all in separate threads. You could try putting them into the quick question thread instead.

As for your question, it’s actually a very interesting one. I don’t see any reason why a multicellular creature wouldn’t be able to have his cells engulf things, in fact white blood cells use it as their primary method of attacking. However, an entire multicellular creature engulfing another cell-by-cell becomes less practical as the creature gets larger. The square-cube law ensures that such a thing would take ages (only a small fraction of cells can be brought into contact with the prey), and the required coordination between cells would be enormous. That’s why most creatures bigger than a colony of cells don’t bother evolving that capability.
I’m not sure how to simulate that in the game. We could try to actually simulate the difficulties realistically, but that sounds like putting a lot of effort into an option that’s deliberately underpowered for larger beings, and irrelevant for single-celled ones. I think it would be better to just put a cut-off somewhere, probably the same point where you stop seeing individual cells.

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Thanks for the information