Everywhere at the end of time(sad, and can give emotional damage)

This is a music album about dementia, pretty disturbing and sad
The most terrifying song in my opinion is denial unravelling, in stage 2, which is when the dementia patient constantly denies they have alzhemiers, but the song is creepy and echoey, but sounds happy on the outside, which shows the person is trying to be happy, but they know they just can not remember things like before. Note that at the beginning, it sounds sad, almost like terror, like a sad, eerie oboe, but it is then covered up by some rather happy classical music, and towards the end of the song, it suddenly ends, like the patient realizes the denial does no more use.

Thus, it seems that in stage 2 the person is going through the 5 stages of grief(but not in the specific order), which are:
Denial - the first half of stage 2, started by “a losing battle is raging” and ended by “denial unravelling”
Anger - not really seen, but the beginning of “denial unravelling” sounds very very distantly related to anger.
Bargaining - I did not see it anywhere
Depression- seen in the song “quiet dusk coming early”
Acceptance- seen at the end

Dayum, this is going into the spotify playlist, reminds me of my grandma! blissful memo- wait what was I talking about?

I’m afraid to hear the full album, but I hear it’s just a burning memory almost every day. There was a time when I was listening while looking out the window, with the day cloudy and drizzling.

It was the most depressing and beautiful moment of my life.

You actually hear the exact tune every day, so I am guessing you heard the song before, in fact, I hear this song every time I forget something, creepy… right?
But did you actually hear the album before
Edit: can I have a answer??? My questions is"did you actually hear the album yet?"

Sounds like me right now.

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