Evolution game- My first forum game

on a habitable planet, an L.U.C.A. appears in a hot puddle, you have two Options:

  • evolve into an animal-like organism
  • evolve into a plant-like organism

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this is my first forum game so don’t expect too much.


half the population of L.U.C.A. transformed into an animal type and the rest into a vegetable type.
you evolve:

  • Aerobiosis breathing
  • basic digestion

you have three options:

  • be a herbivore
  • be a carnivore
  • be an omnivore

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your species was successful and diverged several new species, and with a diet of microorganisms, you evolved:

  • nucellus
  • Better digestion and breathing

you have two Options:

  • evolve multicellularity
  • stay unicellular

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can i get another nucleus