Hello there! I have been quite busy these times! On the Thrive wiki, there is an excel file that has a lot of usefulness. But it was and is not complete, and I had nothing to do, so I edited it offline at some points… . However, there are three biochemical processes that I have trouble to find and simplify. Those process are about growth : fatty acid synthesis (the most complicated), amino acid synthesis and nucleic acid synthesis (well, I actually haven’t checked it yet)! TJWhale, could you help me out ? I’m desperate !

Sounds like an interesting project. We’ve taken those processes out of the game at the moment I think, the process system was very in depth and all hidden from the player, what we have now is a lot simpler.

With regards to these processes what sort of things are you looking for? Chemical formulae? Is this list any use? http://thrivegame.canadaboard.net/t1491-cpa-master-list

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wow!! so this things existed?! sounds so cool !!! OR can we have 2 ver. one is super realistic and one is normal realistic?

We can’t do that since that there are millions and millions of possibilities. The objective is to make a game that is both fun and realistic. Both must be balanced.

I’m looking for amino acid, nucleic acid and fatty acid synthesis on a summarized and balanced overall chemical reaction for these processes. Can I share my version of that Excel file? If I can, how do I share the link? I don’t want everybody (except maybe some of the dev team like you @tjwhale ) to edit my file.