Exit Option Confusing

The EXIT Option seems to me like

Exit Options

when in reallity it is


This is why most games call this option - quit game, and it’l help me and many others with their experience.

please fix quickly @hhyyrylainen


Where does it say “Exit Options”? I’m not aware of that being anywhere in the game.
Anyway there’s this PR which will hopefully get done at some point:

The reason it doesn’t say “Quit Game” because that option is often terrible and takes you to the main menu, which we have a separate button for. So the exit button is perhaps more accurately “Exit Program” but that kind of wording doesn’t seem common at all in games, and if Thrive will ever be available on consoles or phones, I think it would be unsuitable wording.

It doesn’t say ‘exit options’ anywhere, it’s just generally ambiguous. Exit? Exit what? The game? The menu? The European Union?
‘Quit’ is normally used because you can quit a game but you can’t ‘quit’ a menu.

I think we have pretty consistently used “Back” for exiting menus. Exit is so far only used to exit the program. But anyway as I said if we get that confirmation dialog working it won’t be a problem, at most people will accidentally click it once and then learn that “Exit” in thrive menu means exit the program.


I’m not sure who selected the original text. But I would have avoided using Quit at the time, because many games annoyingly make “Quit” mean not quitting the program but just going back to the main menu, which we have a separate button for.

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At least merge this immediately:

It doesn’t have the required work on the translations so the in-game text won’t work properly, and it has merge conflicts that need to be resolved. The PR author needs to address those points or someone needs to take over working on it.