Fallout 76 Opinions

I’m planning on getting Fallout 76, what are your guys’ thoughts on it?

I’d advice waiting a couple months. Not only is it (currently) absolutely bug-riddled and highly unstable, the price has recently been dropping a lot (it dropped from €60 to €40 in a week from launch). So, I’d advice waiting a while, before most bugs have been fixed (and the price might have even dropped more)

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It seems like it might end up being fun, after a sufficient amount of updates. Then again, I’m pretty fanboy-y when it comes to Fallout, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

I preordered no man’s sky and that ended up good so I might as well get fallout 76 now and feel even better about it when it becomes good.

I don’t play fallout but I feel really bad for the devs. Imagine having so many people shit on your product. Gamers are really evil sometimes.

I think they are mad because they released the game in such a broken state, as they do with some other games they made, so you cant really blame them too much. I do admit though they are over-reacting.

Also can’t forget the microtransactions. But those are unlikely to be the dev’s fault. We should be blaming their parent company for running them into the ground.

According to what I heard, the overall theory came down to the fact that simply put, they didn’t have enough time, and weren’t able to postpone it because of Zenimax, the parent company, being greedy. (Zenimax is also the company that got the blame for Creation Club, the “No they’re not paid mods, see them as mini-DLC’s!” “Then why don’t people that bought the season pass get them for free?” "Nonono they’re not mini-DLC’s, they’re like mods you can pay for!’). Then again, something like the “B.E.T.A.” wasn’t a great idea either, since the fact that is was only a month before release meant that Bethesda wouldn’t have any time to fix the bugs that were found. (And surprise surprise, they didn’t)

That is true, and I think we all remember the last time that a parent company ruined a potentially brilliant game…

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Lets hope EA doesn’t do that for the next Titanfall game.

This is so funny because I always play the hits (popular games) 2-3 years after its release, when everyone don’t play the game anymore. (The reason why I wait so long after the release is because I’m waiting for decent sales on Steam and I’m also waiting for the game to decrease its price)

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I do the same thing with waiting for games to be cheap. I like r/patientgamers

I think the people who are most at fault with Fallout 76 are the game designers. So much of the design just doesn’t work.

The best parts of Fallout are the single player campaign but taking out the NPC’s means that can’t really work, it’s pretty hard to care about holotapes and computers (though it can happen, like in New Vegas).

Another part is how they’ve handled PVP, it’s not brutal enough to be a fun PVP survival game but it’s not single player either, it just falls down the middle.

IMO it would have been much better to do a single player Fallout adventure and then allow drop in co-op play (and maybe even drop in PVP) a bit like dark souls, that could have been great.