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@Mitobox Sorry to a @ you again but do you want the time skip or no? I have 1 Nay and 4 yes’s

Sorry about the wait.

I’m for it if most of everyone else is, not sure what the Kazarites would be up to in the meantime though.

The plan is to vote mutliple votes and I will add some random technology or things that your people will learn we need to figure out how many votes though since it seems as though everyone other than zenzonegaming is for it

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I like the idea of skipping to the bronze age

  • discretely injure six-armed sloths and then heal them, to gain trust so we can ride them

@mitobox, @agenttine, @immortaldragon,@positivetower,@potatomancer,@zenzonegaming,and @OoferDoofer How far do you guys want time skip by and how many votes should we have?

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I think we should skip about 1000 years. maybe 10 votes?

I’m fine with however long we skip for. And however many votes you feel is appropriate is fine. Sorry if I’m being too agreeable but I don’t really have a specific amount of either in mind. :joy:

I’d rather have a smaller jump, maybe 300-500 years.
I don’t mind 10 votes. might be a bit challenging though

@mitobox, @agenttine, @immortaldragon,@positivetower,@potatomancer,@zenzonegaming, @Skyguy98 ,and @OoferDoofer. We will go with 10 votes


will they be consecutive or all at the same time?

All at the same time

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what are the votes @Soundwave?

You guys all get ten votes

Name my nation Karthan Empire

  1. Migrate to the northwest(snowy forests)
  2. Create warm clothing
  3. Begin worship of firemages, making people aspire to be fire mages
  4. Master fire magic
  5. Start conjuring flame spirits
  6. Make Fire Mages Consume themselves with fire
  7. Non-fire mage people become more beast like and powerful
  8. Build giant flame war hammers for beast soldiers
  9. Build military with the augmented flame weapons
  10. Try to conquer all of the northwest area

1.burn everything

Here’s mine:

  • Look for Metal Ores: Since I’m still in the Stone Age.
  • Develop Agriculture: I still seem to be a band of hunter-gatherers.
  • Tame a Beast of Burden: Important to agriculture and trade.
  • Invent the Wheel: Ditto (wagons, carts, and plows).
  • Develop Closer Relations to Neighbors: This includes the Korens (who I’ve met) and Valens (who I haven’t). Maybe encounter the Flarc if they’re close enough, but we’d probably keep away from each other.
  • Build Peripheral Settlements: Probably where food and raw materials (strandstalk threads, wood, ore) will be obtained, as opposed to the village (hopefully) becoming a hub for artisans processing those materials.
  • Advance in Magic: Especially something light-based to deal with the vampires.
  • Set up a Magic Guild: If Kazar doesn’t live through this time skip, Gadof will be his successor master shaman by virtue of experience. Meanwhile, his peers would become adepts instructing new apprentices.
  • Deal with the Vampires: This includes finding out what that grawlic-eating animal is and if it has any connection to the vampires that needs shamanic severing. Kirala’s probably going to get old, but will still lead the village guard.
  • Solve the Tower Mystery: The endgame remains turning off the fog-emitting relic and finding out what the vampires’ ultimate weakness is.

Speaking of the village, assuming my votes go well and it becomes a sophisticated polity, the now-settled Kazarite tribe’s new name will be Osbos (adjective Osbosi).

ma votes.
1: develop a cult based around the banods.
2: increase our army’s might by developing metallurgy.
3: attempt agriculture.
4: attack the evil Republic.
5: explore death magic.
6: explore life magic.
7: search for treants that grow bananas to honor in my religion.
8: build a wall around my village to defend from the evil Republic.
9: build a great shrine to honor the banods.
10: explore the nearby area around my village.
p.s what kind of tech do i have because i will probably change my votes.

Everyone is still around the stone age soo not that far into any other ages thats why I wanted to do this to speed it up a bit


  1. Tame two-headed bears, with focus on using them for combat and as beasts of burden
  2. focus on crossbow/balista tech
  3. focus on more advanced construction tech
  4. retry dungeon town vote, focus on fortifications this time
  5. retry metal reforging vote
  6. establish a new educational institute in Haven, under the responsibility of the librarians: The Librarium
  7. Experiment with clockworks and basic mechanic machines (windmill/watermill and other kinetic powered machines)
  8. focus on tech for transportation of goods (roads, carts and such)
  9. Scout for a new dungeon
  10. send out a dungeon expedition to Tatarus Dungeon to scout further levels

some simple RP text:


Serena lost a lot of grace with the rest of the council because of all the recent failures that were related to her suggestions, Tartarus simply being the last straw.
But Serena knew they were but a temporary setback. Yet as temporary as they were, she was far from young. She refused however letting her dreams of Valen supremacy sink dust, scouting for a new talented lass to take her place in the council.
The girl’s name was Viana, sitting at 30 years she was old enough to join the council yet young enough to have the time to accomplish what was needed.
Selena taught her all she knew, and gave her a list of some of the tasks she failed to accomplish during her time, hoping Viana would succeed where she failed.

Not all were Serenas dreams, for Viana had her own convictions. She saw a future where anyone could become what they are best at and improve themselves under the guidance of their elders, and a future where they would be protected from their enemies by walls and traps that would put the dungeon to shame.

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@immortaldragon , @agenttine , @Skyguy98 I need your votes